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I’m going crazy with this.

On the morning of January 25th, the day after signing the contract on my new apartment, I called Movistar to arrange a transfer of service, including landline, internet and television (Imagenio). I know I did this because I have proof – the reference number they gave me (11193S). Since then it’s been a bloody nightmare and I’ve lost not only valuable work time but also HOURS of my life calling and calling these people to get them to keep their word. Which was… that at most the transfer would take two weeks because it included the television service. We are now going on week four and, while they did finally come a week ago today to install the internet, I am still without any television service. And I am furious at the way I’ve been treated.

So I got on Twitter and the people handling the Movistar tweets there have assured me that my order has been prioritised – the order I was told this morning didn’t exist (!!!) – and that my service should be installed today. Well, it’s going on 3.00pm and I still haven’t heard from anybody.

Meanwhile, my ISP has weirdly blocked one website. I cannot access it from either computer at home, either using the router or my iPhone as a modem. But everyone else can access it, and I had no problem when I tried the computers at the gym the other day. So clearly an ISP problem. But after more than half an hour on the phone today talking to this and that technician I was put on hold yet again… and then my call was disconnected!! And nobody has called me back.

I am borderline hysterical thinking about this. The screw up with the transfer of my phone line, internet and tv service is compounded by the shitty way I am being treated every time I call them. And now for two weeks I haven’t been able to access a website that I am supposed to be working on. There is a glimmer of hope that the twitter connection is going to come through, but time is already running out on today…