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Yesterday Nog and I did quite a lot of cleaning up and shifting of stuff on the azotea, so that by the evening it was tidy enough to have our first dinner outdoors. It’s a bit of a slog bringing everything upstairs, but well worth it. We had some lovely tuna brochettes, served with marinated potatoes, arrugula salad and a bottle of nicely chilled rueda. Also brought up the iPod deck and listened to some Paco de Lucia while watching the “supermoon” come up. At one point Nog said “all that’s missing are the cats” and right on cue the Big Girl from next door leapt over the wall and joined us (while Loki safely watched from behind the glass door).

There’s still a lot of work to be done. I’d like to get more plants and some trellising, and of course a barbeque! But for now it’s at least usable, and now that the weather has turned warm and sunny and the scent of blossoming azahar is in the air, use it we shall. Also, Jessica is moving in next week, so I predict quite a lot of “outdoor living” to be happening here soon at casa az