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Yesterday afternoon I came across a group of graffiti artists participating in a competition, painting glass recycle bins (concurso contenedor vidrio). This has been going on for the last few years. Or at least, I’ve noticed the painted bins around town before but have never seen the annual contest in progress until now.

I was pleased to see a lot more stylishness to the painting this year, rather than the usual graffiti mishmash of wonky letters and weird images. Most artists had a picture of what they were painting on top of their bin, some showing how they worked out the dimensions, and it was quite impressive to see how they turned a flat painting into a three-dimensional one.

A couple of my favourites were the flamenco dancer and the “Eye of Cthulhu” one below, which of course reminded me of my friend raincoaster, so I made a special collage of it just for her.

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