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Here is the love of my life (aka Azar) having a nice long drink in the middle of a very hot afternoon … it always tugs at my heart when he asks to have a drink and then takes his time, with his tail doing that lazy contented flicking back and forth, bless him. Yeah, he could always drink out of the communal water bowl, which is changed several times a day in these temps to keep it fresh, but he prefers to drink out of his own glass and with someone paying total attention to him. Spoiled? Well, I do my best.

Meanwhile I am drinking at least three litres of water a day and have taken to putting bottles in the fridge so they’re nice and cold. I remember with a shudder when I was on chemo – both times during the summer – and couldn’t drink, or even touch, anything cold. I had to sip on room temperature (hot!) water, which wasn’t thirst-quenching at all. Strange after all this time that I still think of that every single time I pour myself a glass of nice cold water…

How much water are you drinking these days?