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Although at first I was thrilled about finally having central heating and air-conditioning in the new casa az, after one and a half winters here I’m not sure I can afford such luxury. And although I’m not actually sure if this new method will prove any more economical, it’s worth a go. To wit… I have opted to try using a wall-mounted electric space heater and an oil-filled electric radiator in my livingroom (which is really the only room that needs heating during the day) to see if that makes a difference. I used both of these in the old casa az, but there I was able to close off the living room, though I didn’t have double-glazed windows. As you can see, Luna is very keen to show her appreciation for anything that gives off heat.

It’s weird because back in Canada, and even when I lived in England, it was just a given that you had to pay crazy amounts of money to stay warm in winter. I think because here an extra sweater or scarf can actually make a real difference – even in mid-January – it’s often preferable to do that than pay more. Gone are those -30º days when I would walk around my carpeted Canadian home barefoot and in short sleeves. And good thing too, because that was just stupid (come to think of it). It’s not so much the extra sweaters I mind, it’s that first getting out of bed moment, that from now until February will just get more and more painful.

How do you stay warm in winter without cranking up the heat?