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Lots of changes happen when, well, when things change. For example, now that Azar is no longer draped over my legs when I am in my comfy chair either reading or watching tv… Loki has decided to become a lap cat. And frankly, I love it! Especially now that it’s getting colder. He just cuddles up and starts purring and there are even fleeting moments when I forget to miss Azar. Likewise, now that Azar is no longer sleeping on my head, Luna has started sneaking under the duvet to snuggle up for the night. It’s so endearing and it reminds me of when Azar first started trusting me enough to do that. So yeah, the bottom line is that I still miss Azar so much that it’s a constant ache in my heart, but these two young’uns help me smile every day and help me remember how lucky I am.