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soxLest you all think all this new-found fame is going to my head, I just wanted you to know that after a long day of glamourous meetings and interviews, being wined and dined, and otherwise being made a huge fuss over, I still have my sox life to contend with.

Weird thing about sox. Even though I only ever do my laundry at home and there is nowhere for errant sox to go missing, they still go missing.

The other thing is that, although I only ever have two types of sox – shorty sports sox that just go up to the ankle and somewhat taller everyday sox – they are a total bugger to pair up. Because each year I get a new 6-pack of each and they are always slightly different except that THEY ARE ALL BLACK.

I sometimes think I’ll go blind trying not to pair up this year’s sox with older ones. Especially when I’ve done a whack of laundry and end up with THIS.

I can’t wait to get back to wearing sandals…