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RxI hate taking antibiotics. Probably the last time I did was after that last freak operation – can’t really argue in that situation. So last week when I was hit with cold-flu symptoms (again!) I wasn’t concerned and only started taking Ibuprofen when a couple of days later it turned into a very painful ear thing. Which got worse, and then worse.  And then I lost my voice! This didn’t stop me from doing two tapas tours, though Peter came along to help “translate”. In retrospect, this probably wasn’t a good idea as I think this made me sicker and I spent the rest of the weekend in bed.

Then today I finally gave in. The clincher was when I woke up this morning with my right eye glued shut with oozy gack and my ears still blocked, hurting and ringing. So I called Dr Agustín and he gave me some drops for the eyes, a three-day course of antibiotics and more Ibuprofen. Which I hope works fast because I actually have TWO tapas tours tomorrow – morning and evening. Tonight Peter’s taking out a Flamenco & Tapas tour that came through an agency. I just couldn’t do it.

I can’t figure out how or why I got so sick. I’ve already had flu once this year, though this is clearly an ear/sinus infection that got carried away. It’s getting more than annoying and I can’t smell or taste anything. But mostly I just hope I’m well enough to properly do my tours tomorrw. Off to bed (again) soon…