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pitu and kittehs
For those of you who don’t know about my friend Pablo… well, it’s been a long and sometimes complicated friendship. But hey, we’re still friends, even though we tend to drop in and out of each other’s lives. Just like yesterday! I was walking over to see an exhibition at the Alfonso XIII Hotel and passed an old folks home where Pablo’s parents were once in residence and I found myself wondering where the hell he’d been the past couple of months. Then about an hour later I was having a tapa with Peter and I suddenly got a WhatsApp video sent to me by Pablo showing his Pitu with a litter of eensy kittens. How random is that?

Then it occurred to me that I’ve actually been hankering for a new kitten… it just always feels better with three. But, other than when I went looking for a companion for Azar after Sunny died (which of course ended up being Loki) I’ve always gone with the notion that cats tend to find me. Just like yesterday. After having a look at Pitu’s brood I gave Pablo a call and asked him to give me first choice. And guess what? Turns out they were just one day old! Which means they were born on April 7th… Azar’s birthday.

So that’s a done deal! Except now I have to choose one. Will be going over to Pablo’s this week to have a better look at them, and will no doubt visit them a lot over the next 6-8 weeks. Right now I’m partial to either the little orange one or the black one with a comical white face.