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loki in a boxHere’s poor Loki as we were getting ready to go to the vet’s. We’re back home now and I’m happy to report that nothing seems dangerously wrong with him. But it all started on Saturday afternoon. I’d come home from shopping and – very strangely! – Loki didn’t race to snarfle down his food when I put out the kitteh lunch. Shortly after that he started vomiting, which he kept up until Sunday evening, poor thing. And even after having not eaten for about 36 hours he still wouldn’t eat, which was when I started to worry.

So yesterday I bought some special food for treating cats that have had gastritis, a nice soft paté… and he wouldn’t touch that either. He did keep down what I managed to force feed him, but as he was still lethargic this morning I decided he should get checked out. Basically Begonia the vet thought the same as me, that Loki had had some sort of stomach upset and was feeling low, but as long as I kept force feeding him and he was keeping it down she said he should be okay in a day or so. She gave him a cocktail injection of something to soothe the stomach and an antibiotic and we were on our way home again. And so of course – after going through the whole VET thing and spending about 40 euros – once back home and after a feeding session Loki starting eating on his own again. Phew!