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As most of you know, I love Mondays! To me there’s nothing like a fresh start to a brand new week, so many possibilities await! And it’s an even extra special Monday today waking up in Málaga at the beginning of my summer holiday. In fact I got here yesterday but after getting myself and Morcilla settled in and having a quick bite for lunch on the beach I suddenly felt ZONKED and knew it would be a quiet evening in and an early night. I really have been pushing myself these past few months and this is in part why this holiday is so important to me.

kitten on a trainAnyhow, I’m happy to report that Morcilla is quite a good little traveller. She kicked up a bit of a fuss on the way to the station whilst being jostled around in her travel bag, but once we got moving on the train she settled down and was good as gold. Later she was a little freaked out when we first arrived at Manolo’s apartment, but once I got our bedroom set up and got her toys out she seemed calmer and set about exploring ABOLUTELY EVERYWHERE. So I’ve closed off all but one bedroom, one bathroom and the kitchen. She can be in the living room with me when I’m here but I’ll close that off to when I go out. No big deal. There’s a big entrance area and a long hallway between the bedroom and kitchen so she’s got plenty of running around space.

I’m a bit unhappy to report that there will be no evenings here with me having the floor to ceiling glass terrace doors wide open to enjoy the sea breeze while I read or watch a film on the sofa… I thought the terrace had a solid cement “railing” when in fact it’s only solid about 18 inches up and the rest is metal rails. Far too dangerous for a rambuncious small kitten, especially as we’re 13 floors up. Oh well, if I feel a real need to enjoy some sea breeze I can either go downstairs or just close the living room door for awhile so Morcilla won’t be in danger. She’s already crashed headfirst into the glass doors a couple of times thinking there was nothing there – anything for a laugh that one. I’m so glad I brought her with me as she is such great company. Though there was really never any other option. This summer holiday had already been planned before she came along but if for some reason I couldn’t have taken her too then I wouldn’t have been able to go myself.

The only REAL disaster is that I realised last night that I’d forgotten my little coffee maker!

How’s your Monday going?