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Okay, I finally gave in and opened an Instagram account. A kinda “if you can’t beat em…” thing but I’m also kinda enjoying it. So I owe apologies to both Lizzie and alejna for previously giving them grief about using such an awful platform with its over-saturating filters, blah blah. Turns out you don’t have to use any filters and latest updates include being able to straighten the image and probably some other stuff I haven’t noticed yet. I still prefer spiffing up my photos using Picasa, which is very basic but enough for what I need – cropping, straightening, lightening. But Instagram is something that I can also link to Twitter and the dread Facebook (which now owns Instagram – surprise!). Anyhoodle, here is my newish Instagram account. You’ll notice I don’t use any filters on the food pics, and neither should anyone else…

azahar on Instagram