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Yay! I was so happy to pick up my framed print by local artist Alfredo Rodríguez @alfredorfz today. During lockdown Alfredo started creating colourful paintings of Sevilla bar façades and l fell in love with this one of my beloved Bar Casa Eme, which closed for good in March. I first saw the print on his Instagram page and left a comment saying I WANT ONE!. Then Alfredo got in touch and said he was selling limited prints and I placed my order.

We talked about where I would pick it up and it turned out that Alfredo lives in the same street as me! In fact I could wave at him right now if he was out on his balcony. How random is that??

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But despite our close proximity, because of my weird availability times for going out and his work schedule (he is front of house at Barra Baja) it worked out easier to pick up the print at the restaurant while I was out running other errands. Then I asked where I could get it framed and he recommended a place he likes, so that’s where I took it.

And today I hung it up in living room / office where I can see it all the time.

It’s a happy reminder of happier times. Go check out Alfredo’s work and get in touch with him if you’d like one of the limited prints. They’re all gorgeous. He’s done nine so far and I hear he’s making even more!

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