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map of andalucia

As you probably know I’ve spent a good part of the summer doing research for my latest venture Azahar Travels which, aside from offering lots of information about Spain, also offers a personal trip planning service for people visiting Andalucía. And so there I was this week tweaking this, organising that, and otherwise faffing around with all my research material, all the while wondering when I would properly launch this baby. And then I got an email from a couple who’d taken a tapas tour with me two years ago and who were coming back. And they asked if they could hire me to organise their two-week holiday. How cosmic is that?

Anyhow, I am thrilled. I sent P & G information about the service including fees and they thought it was fabulous. I am hired. And I realise now that I was prepared all along, I just needed this push. Okay, right into the deep end (swim or sink!) but I may have put things off indefinitely otherwise. Even though basically this is the kind of job – not unlike my food tours – that requires constant research and updating. And as requests come in about things I am not familiar with, then I can easily find out. Because I live here! Nothing is too far away, nowhere is totally unknown. So – again like with my food tours – I will learn and grow along with my clients. So excited guys! And I actually love that it’s begun this way. It feels like a natural “next step”. Wish me luck!