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malaga christmas lunch friends (1)the usual suspects: Fred, Victor, Andrew & Arpy

It’s Birthday Eve! Plans have been made for fun stuff to do with Sevilla friends mañana. But today I thought I’d feature some of my Málaga friends, who also happen to be some of my favourite people in the whole world: Fred @fredshively, Victor @welovemalaga, Andrew @andrewaforbes and Arpy @andalucinda. This is a photo taken at our “official” Christmas Lunch.

Most of you probably know that a couple of weeks ago I arranged a last-minute Málaga Getaway, specifically so I could see the amazing “cathedral” Christmas lights in calle Larios with my own eyes. And of course to see my Málaga friends. I met up with Fred & Arpy, and Victor, on different occasions, and also met David @irlandesnmalaga for lunch one day with his lovely wife Kasha and baby Kira (officially the prettiest baby in the world!), which led to us meeting some new friends thanks to the fabulous Annie @anniebennett. After lunch we stopped by brand new Cafe Estraperlo @cafeestraperlo for “coffee” (really more drinks) and even ended up in one of José’s infamous Instagram selfies

estraperloJosé, Mark, me, Kasha, baby Kira, David

But back to the Christmas Lunch. This took place my last afternoon in Málaga and came together all very last minute (for a change!) with Andrew, bless him, being able to make it after all (wouldn’t have been the same without him). The venue was Bar Nerva (that post needs updating!), a favourite family-run bar with delicious homestyle Andalucian cooking at its best. Here’s what we had for lunch. Nice touch was getting a frozen grape in each glass of wine to keep it chilled.

malaga christmas lunch food
Anyhow, during that lunch I sat back and watched these guys, all of them so smart and witty and charming and fun and lovely, and suddenly I had tears in my eyes thinking how lucky I was, especially as they had all come together that afternoon on my account. It was definitely a “George Baily moment” and I totally felt like the richest girl in town.

malaga christmas lunch friends (2)

Thanks guys. This was my best Christmas in a very long time.

Also… the next time anyone disses Twitter. I’ve included everyone’s Twitter handle here because that is where I met all these lovely lovely people.  xx