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cord less

I love Morcilla. I really do. But man!!! She has cost me a fortune in replacing cords over the past year or so. Especially those damn iPhone5 “lightning” ones at 20€ a pop (she’s destroyed 4 of those already). As you can see, I try to tape them up if they haven’t been bitten right through, which sometimes works, for awhile. Likewise my iPod speaker deck has been rendered useless (placed an order for a new power cable today) and – yes Alison! – that’s the landline phone electric cable in the middle, neatly chomped in two (once again!). I don’t know where to get a new one of those – probably cheaper to just buy a new phone.

Thank goodness Morcilla only (ONLY!) goes for these really thin ones. The TV, computer and various lamp cords have – so far – remained untouched. Lucky for her she’s cute…