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It all started very simply with me going over to Movistar to ask about changing companies, since my contract with Vodafone finished at the beginning of this month. I’d been paying off the old iPhone (foolishly I didn’t buy it outright two years ago) and aside from that I had a separate TV contract with Digital+. But since Digital+ and Movistar had recently merged, I thought it was time to sort this out to my advantage. Spent an hour with a very helpful salesperson at Movistar, and I would’ve probably gone with them, but a couple of things niggled. First there was no fibre optic available in my street, which meant TV service wouldn’t be optimum. And then I was told the megas I’d be getting. To be honest, I’d never concerned myself with this before. It didn’t actually matter that for my phone I’d be getting 3 megas instead of the 5 I had with Vodafone since I barely use more than 1 per month. But then I was told about the internet megas… only 10 max with Movistar, and – the guy was honest – I’d probably not get more than 8, depending on where I was situated. He asked if I’d ever done a speed check to see what I was getting at home now and I said … duh? So I went home and followed his instructions. Holy crap – I was getting close to 11! Whatever that means! Except it’s obviously more than 8. So I went back and showed the guy my findings and – bless him – he said he honestly couldn’t recommend me switching companies until fibre optic became available in my street. Seriously, how often does that happen?

So a couple of days later I was passing the Vodafone store and thought I’d pop in and see about my old contract… and I found out that Vodafone now has TV! Also that they have fibre optics available in my street. An hour later I walked out with a great deal. Internet, TV, etc for much less than I’ve been paying. PLUS I get 6 months free Netflix, an extra 3G card for my iPad for a year… whatevs. If it’s free I’ll take it. So I cancelled my present Netflix (one month free and then pay) and will instead pay the fee via Vodafone if, in six months, it seems like something I want to keep…

morcilla proofing

And so yesterday a couple of chaps from Vodafone came over to set everything up. It was only then that I started to question my decision. It turned out that EVERYTHING had to be next to the television. So the very clever set up I came up with last year to prevent Morcilla from EATING ALL THE CORDS was suddenly obsolete. Here you see some very quick & dirty Morcilla-proofing I did so I could go out to work last night. Will obviously have to come up with something else soon… but what?