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I had put in my request at Movistar for a new internet hook-up last week, once I found out that Moving Day would be the following Monday, but I didn’t expect that they would cut off my present service on Friday night (!!!). So I popped back over to the Movistar store on Saturday to find out what was going on and they said I would get my new connection within 14 days (!!!!!). Two weeks without internet at home?? Just getting through the weekend only using my iPhone was hard enough. I mean, it’s fine for just browsing and tweeting and instagramming, but not really ideal for answering emails and, well, running my business. So I was thrilled when Movistar called me yesterday morning and said they would be over the next day (today!) to hook me up.

Luckily there was an existing fibre-optic line so it wasn’t too complicated. And the technician even did a nice job of trying to hide the fine cords from Morcilla’s view. Time to fill up those shelves!