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netflixAt long fucking last Netflix has finally arrived in Spain. I think it was yesterday. So of course I signed up for the free first month trial. And that’s when things predictably went pear shaped. As in, how do I access it from my brand new SmartTV when I can’t find it anywhere on there? After looking everywhere I contacted the Netflix helpline thingy and had an option of a chat or a phone call. I chose the chat and within seconds Pau (possibly not real name? 😉 ) came online to chat with me.

Well, I am now in love with Pau, whoever he (or she) may be. Pau stayed on the chat with me for about half an hour while we tried things out, first trying the most obvious solutions and then digging deeper. At one point I had to call the LG helpline (while Pau patiently waited for me) and I was told that my BRAND NEW SMART TV that was manufactured in June and bought by me in July did not support the Netflix app. What the fucking fuck?? To be fair, the LG helpline guy (he had a lovely voice) seemed just as perplexed as me, and said he couldn’t understand why this app wasn’t possible. So okay fine, but Pau was waiting and I had to go.

When I told Pau this was crazy and I didn’t sign up to Netflix to watch films on my iPhone or laptop, he remained calm and asked if I had any other device options such as Wii, PS3, or 4, or Blu Ray players. Bingo! Hello somewhat aged Sony BluRay player! I had my doubts at first because no Netflix was showing up (and other apps like YouTube had been cancelled over the years). But then I did an update and lo & behold… there was Netflix! Yay! So I signed in and there it was! Pau, bless him, said he would hang on until I tested it, so that I could actually start watching something, and so I tried it out and, yep, no problem. Well, okay, it’s a bit of a pain to have to switch to HDMI2, turn on the BluRay and wait for all that to sort itself out, but you know… it’s what I’ve got.

So hey, what did you do today?