It turns out that I signed up for Snapchat ages ago, but I never did anything with it because it seemed like a waste of time putting stuff online that ends up disappearing. For me the most frustrating thing Instagram is that you can’t archive stuff (which is why I also share EVERYTHING on Tumblr – I like that I can search by the month and all the pics I’ve put anywhere online show up). So why would I bother putting up pics that just go away? Also, not being able to use my photo library feels limiting. And so on… and so, no Snapchat for me. Except that lately I see that so many people are using it, and especially companies. What’s in it for them? Then I came across this article the other day and it got me thinking that I should start using this tool… Snapchat Features You Didn’t Know Existed

I’m not totally convinced though. Anyone else out there using Snapchat who would like to sing its praises? I’m all ears.