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courgettiniEver since I first tried the fabulous courgette “spaghetti” at No Kitchen, I’ve been keen on replicating this at home. And so after finding a veggie spiralizer at my favourite kitchen shop Bazar Victoria the other day, I was ready to go (as was my assistant Morcilla). This particular spiralizer is a bit like a pencil sharpener, with two sizes (for courgettes and carrots) and in no time I had a plate full of lovely veggie “noodles”. But what to do with them? I thought they should just be blanched and then have some sauce plopped on them, but most of the recipes I found online said they should be sautéed in olive oil, and then further cooked with a bit of added water. THEN I decided to try a garlicky bacony carbonara – and it was wonderful. The great thing was that all the lovely garlicky bacony flavour was there, but I didn’t end up feeling STUFFED afterwards. This is WAY BETTER than cauliflower “rice”. Recipe coming soon!