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corpus 2016 (1)

I missed last year’s Corpus Christi in Sevilla because I was in London stuffing my face getting to know other Foodie Hub members and otherwise enjoying The City. And weirdly, I found myself missing it. I’ve only missed Corpus here thrice before: once when I was in Granada, another time when I was in Lisbon, and *that other time* when I was too sick on chemo to go out.

But I’ve always followed the advice of my friend (and one of my first English students here) Agustín, who told me the best part of Corpus here is getting up super early and walking the rosemary and flower petal strewn procession route before the procession starts (and everything gets trampled underfoot). This year – bonus! – I also happened to see the Cristo de la Cena (Last Supper) procession on its way to the Cathedral, where the paso is left at the Archbishop’s Palace until the end of the day’s ceremonies. I even got a short vid of it on Instagram…

corpus 2016 (3)

costaleros taking a break

corpus 2016 (4)

Cristo de la Cena

After that some serious coffee and toast was required and – job done – we set out to “walk the walk” and enjoy all the beautiful sights before the crowds settled in, though we did get caught up in “la bulla” a couple of times by the end. I can’t explain why I love this holiday so much. Maybe because the imagery is just so colourful and beautiful, maybe because they spend an entire month building gorgeous arches in the Plaza San Francisco for a half-day event, or maybe – and most likely – because (thanks to Agustín) I learned to love the crunch of fresh rosemary under my feet just after dawn, and watching Sevilla waking up to all this beauty. Also, hey… bread and wine! What’s not to like?  😉

corpus 2016serious coffee and fab toast at Horno San Buenaventura

corpus 2016 (2)Santa Angela
corpus 2016 (5) corpus 2016 (6) corpus 2016 (7)Plaza Salvador before the procession
corpus 2016 (8)Plaza San Francisco

corpus 2016 (9)a carpet of rosemary and rose petals

corpus 2016 (10)the BIG ALTAR in Plaza San Franciso

corpus 2016 (11)slippery when waxy (from procession candles dribbling)

corpus 2016 (12)Sevilla y tus balcones de seda – from a poem by Lucas

corpus 2016 (13)antique shawls

corpus 2016 (14)proud to be at the head of the procession

corpus 2016 (15)altar at Salvador church

IMG_4677ornate house decoration in my street (way off the procession route). Why?