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Remember back when I was thinking of planning my summer getaways in June? Well, I did book Galicia, but then was left up in the air about whether to go to London or San Sebastián, with part of that decision being based on whether I’d get my renewed passport back in time. And well, it came yesterday! So without another thought I decided to go with London, went online, booked my flights and – eep! – that’s done now. I’ll be there August 2nd – 11th!

Well okay, I did have a few thoughts. I still hadn’t heard back from my SS pal, and if she wasn’t going to be there it didn’t make much sense to go. Then a quick check by Twitter DM asking if various London friends would be around ended up with immediate responses and invitations and whatnot, so I decided to go with London. Flights clearly not as cheap as if I’d booked in June, but what the heck.

I’m going to London! 🙂