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horno san buenaventuraThis makes me SO SAD, because I have so many memories tied up in this place. Although this wasn’t the original Horno San Buenaventura (that one is over on calle Carlos Cañal) this was the one I first knew and kind of “grew up” in when I first came to Sevilla 24 years ago, where I made friends with the staff and was treated like family. It was where I’d go for coffee and tostada on my way to teach English classes in the morning, where I’d set up meetings (my first “office”) and frankly, where they had the best damn coffee in town.

I have to say I haven’t been there much since I moved over to the Alfalfa barrio (though there is also an Horno San Buenaventura there) and this location did seem to be sliding a bit and looking a wee bit shabby. But it’s like saying goodbye to an old friend. And there’s been too much of this lately, for various reasons. Landmark cherished shops and bars closing down. Sad.