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updatesDiego, Antonio, Pepe (2012)
Pepe, Julio (Diego’s son), Antonio (2017)

So as most of you know, I’ve been running this food website for about ten years now, called Sevilla Tapas… 😉

But what you may not know is that I don’t actually make a bean off that site. It started off as a labour of love, and has remained so. Also, I don’t get offered free meals (as many people suppose), which means I actually pay for every tapa and every glass of wine you see posted. And all of that is fine because I think it is what sets me apart, and it also means that Sevilla Tapas has become my online portfolio, showing that I am far more than “just another tapas tour guide”. It also means that I am free to post my own opinions.

And very often it enriches my life in other ways. Like when I went back to El Cairo five years after my first visit (hey, there are more than 3,000 tapas bars here – I do my best!). As usual I got to talking to the guys behind the bar, who looked familiar. So I got out my iPhone and looked up my previous entry for El Cairo and the guys loved it. Especially Julio who saw his father Diego in my 2012 pic. So he very happily posed with the same two barmen as before, Pepe and Antonio, and that encounter totally made my day. Love my job.