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A few months ago Confituría La Campana was forced to close down its sidewalk terrace and since then it has been struggling to survive. And with little/no seating inside it will not survive. The same thing happened to another landmark establishment not long ago – the beloved Bazar Victoria – a wonderful Aladdin’s cave of a housewares/hardware shop that was forced out by the banker landlords, and that now empty corner still breaks my heart when I pass by.

What would be even more heartbreaking is the sight of another fast-food joint taking over the Campana location. It is already flanked by Burger King, Mcdonalds, Dunkin Coffee and 100 Montaditos, with a Starbucks across the street. La Campana put up this banner the other day, asking for our help. Let’s hope they can get enough signatures to get their terraza back, which is actually much more attractive than an empty expanse of pavement. Indeed, it’s a perfect people watching place, both for those seated and those walking by. Let’s get it back! Link to the Change.org petition below…

La eliminación total de la terraza de veladores por la gerencia de urbanismo sin causa justificada, ha sentenciado el futuro de este establecimiento fundado en 1885, que para muchos sevillanos forma parte del patrimonio cultural de su ciudad. Una injusticia que mandará al paro a los 40 trabajadores de su plantilla. Te necesitamos!

Change.Org – Put Back the Terrace, Save Confituría La Campana

The total elimination of the terrace by the Urban Management without justifiable cause, has endangered the future of this establishment, founded in 1885, which for many Sevillians is a part of the cultural heritage of their city. An injustice that will make its 40 workers unemployed. We need you!