You may recall that I am not able to sleep in pitch darkness. Or even just regular darkness. I always need at least a soft glow from somewhere so I can see SOMETHING when I open my eyes during the night (which happens pretty much every night). Hence my purchase of little plug-in night lights for beside my bed after I moved to the new Casa Azahar. So imagine my panic when I saw a notice posted in the lift yesterday saying that the electricity will be cut on my street, and two neighbouring streets, tonight between midnight and 3 am for some upgrading of the system. Whatever. All I could think was… IT’S GOING TO BE PITCH BLACK. GAAAAAAAAHHHH.

But I think I have a plan to get myself through this. Okay, the obvious one would be just to go to bed before midnight and not wake up again until at least after three, but I just can’t trust that I won’t wake up at, say, a quarter to three and go GAAAAAAAAHHHH.

So I have been busy charging ALL my devices, along with an external battery, and will also bring my laptop into my bedroom (battery in that one is good for at least a few hours) and fall asleep with it turned on. And of course my trusty iPhone will be by my side, along with a cat or two. Wish me luck!