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I’m here! And what a great first day it was. After l got to town l met Victor at the apartment (Casa de los Principes) and, after dropping off my bag, we headed out for lunch to somewhere I’d never been before – Los Mellizos. I was surprised to discover that Victor had never been there either! But as it’s one of Thane’s favourite places it was high time we checked it out. And well, it was fabulous. Old school, awful plastic menus with photos, but excellent food. We were having such a great time that l forgot to take a photo of Victor and had to get a screen grab from a short vid I’d made.

After lunch l met up with Ania who was briefly back from Poland to attend a seminar in Sevilla. She had also decided to take a day trip to Málaga while here so she could see the Christmas lights – and also see her friend Joanna. So we met at La Reserva 12 for a couple of penúltimas. By the time we poured Ania into a taxi to catch her train home l was ready to get back to my cosy apartment. But before l did that l went to Victor’s strategic location to try and get THAT shot of the lights from that unique vantage point. Victor was right, you really do have to climb between the clothes racks!