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Yes, these “international whatever days” are all random and silly, but after having been cooped up at home for two days, when I saw that today was Día Internacional de la Croqueta it was just the excuse I needed to get dressed and get out. So I met up with Peter @SVQconcierge to do some tapas research.

We actually had limited time because Peter had a class in the afternoon, so I chose three bars we could get to that I knew have great croquetas (trust me, this is not as easy as it sounds). We had fab chicken & jamón croquetas at Palo Santo, classic jamón Ibérico ones at La Azotea, and finally some lovely prawn croquetas at Taberna del Alabardero. As an honourable mention, the ones on the stripy plate are some salchichón croquetas we had last week at Lalola Taberna Gourmet, quite possibly the best I’ve had in Sevilla.

What the heck. Got me out of the house. And it was a beautiful day for a walk.