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Viveros La María

Back in the old Casa Azahar I had plans for a small rooftop herb garden, but somehow never got around to it. I guess because I never actually used the rooftop for anything other than drying my laundry. I tried having meals up there, including a few nice BBQs, but frankly it was so much hassle bringing everything up the stairs that it was more bother than it was worth. Also, for more than half the year it was either too hot or too cold to sit outside… and so aside from hanging up laundry and watering the plants left behind by a previous tenant, I almost never went up there.

But the first time I looked around the new Casa Azahar I thought how lovely it would be to have a little herb garden on my kitchen balcony. And yesterday I finally took the first step to making that happen. I popped over to Viveros La María and picked up some parsley, basil and cilantro. Now I just need to repot them and figure out a way to hang them from the balcony railing. Normally I would have them facing inward, but then I wouldn’t be able to open or close the wooden shutters. So the plan is to have them hanging on the outside of the railing… just have to work out how to safely do that. But look! My first ever mini herb garden!