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The other day I read an article on my friend Ana’s (aka @MrsOAroundWorld) blog about essential iPhone accessories. When I first got my fabulous new iPhone X for my birthday I put off getting a screen protector because I am always so careful with my phones and couldn’t see how it would protect against anything but scratches. It was actually when Ana & Simon were here in March, and Ana told me she had already dropped her iPhone X twice, shattering two screen protectors (rather than the screen itself), that I was convinced it would be a good idea to get one. But which one?

Ana to the rescue once again with this article. I got the protector she recommended and also this other very handy accessory so I can still use normal headphones on the phone (and keep it charged). Since I only use headphones while travelling it didn’t make sense to splash out on wireless AirPods (180€!!!). I may also get the phone case mentioned in the post, but at least for now I am plugged in and protected. Thanks Ana!