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It occurred to me yesterday that this week I’m actually ON HOLIDAY! Well, not totally, as I am still catching up on photo editing and reviews for Sevilla Tapas, and I am also finishing a magazine article I was asked to write… but no tours this week. I guess I should be concerned, but it’s actually fine. Gives me time to work on other projects, and my fab We Love Tapas team continues to be amazing. So I am good with this.

And so since this past weekend I’ve been focusing on getting THOSE WALKS in, at least 10,000 steps a day. Today’s walk culminated with this gorgeously fresh lemon sorbet and cava dessert at Becerrita, where we’d stopped in for a tapita. Everyone who knows me knows that I (almost) never eat desserts. I’m (almost) totally a savoury person. But combining cava with super tart lemony sorbet? I’m in. Especially when dessert is on the house, as this one is at Becerrita until the end of this week. Score!