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In summer I have a two-bag system, mostly because it’s too damn hot to carry a biggish bag over my shoulder. Also, I tend to have a few extra things to carry around, at least when I’m working. So I usually have a small shoulder bag, really just big enough to carry the essentials (house keys, wallet, iphone) and then all the other stuff goes into a bigger handbag.

Before I discovered and became obsessed with, Kiplings, this auxillary bag used to be a brightly coloured summery straw one, then two summers ago I found this green one. Yep, another Kipling.

Anyhow, today while out doing Beer O’clock with Peter the strap on my trusty mini bag (my first ever Kipling) broke off, and so it was time to look for a new one. I’d seen that red one before, which is the right size, but I didn’t like that detail of it turning into a waist bag (bum bag? fanny pack?) as I knew I would never use it. Then came the obvious solution – just cut off those extra straps. Which I did and now I have a flat zippered compartment at the back which is perfect for sliding my summer fan into when I’m not using it. Score! 🙂