Oops, I did it again. Well sort of. Maybe. Before I went away to the Basque Country I was having some “issues” with Sterling, mostly to do with things bogging down and running slow, including frustrating totally unresponsive moments, requiring me to reboot, sometimes 2-3 times. So I started thinking about upgrading, then saw that Sterling is only 3 years old. I mean, shouldn’t these things last longer?? Mind you, The Greyhound was also 3 years old when I replaced him with Sterling. But Peter inherited The Greyhound, so that was okay, and he worked with him for another three years, glitches and all, until he died a sudden death in July, requiring the emergency purchase of Silver. But it also meant Peter lost everything, something that strikes a note of terror inside me, even though I do make backups frequently(ish).

This is all to say that, if Peter hadn’t already bought a new laptop, then at this point I would be happy to pass Sterling on to him, as he doesn’t spend as much time on his computer as I do. He also has much less content stored, etc. And then I would feel justified upgrading. But now I’m not sure what to do, especially as I actually purchased this new fabulous beast the other day as “insurance” while it was on sale at 15% off. It’s still in the box, so I can return it any time… but do I want to?

It’s weird because I have no qualms about updating my iPhones every three years or so. Then again I usually have someone who wants my old ones. But what to do with Sterling? I mean, he mostly works well. And perhaps if I stripped him back to factory settings, removing all my shit, he would be much friskier. Having said that, he has been behaving much better since I got home (figures).

How often do you upgrade your laptop?

Below you can see the specs …

Portátil Hp Envy 17-bw0001ns

Intel Core i7 8550U
Velocidad del procesador
2,4 GHz
Memoria Caché
8 MB
Tipo de nivel
Sistema operativo
Windows 10 Home
Tipo de pantalla
FHD IPS con retroiluminación WLED
Tamaño de la pantalla
43.94 cm / 17,3 ”
1920×1080 ppp
Memoria Ram
16 GB DDR4
Disco duro
Capacidad: 1 TB
Tipo de tarjeta
Procesador gráfico
GeForce MX150
Tarjeta gráfica dedicada
Tipo unidad óptica
Tipo de altavoces
Bang & Olufsen; HP Audio Boost; Altavoces dobles
Tarjeta de red
Ethernet Gigabit 10/100/1000 integrada
Tipos de Lan inalámbrica
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2×2)
Puertos entrada / salida
1 USB 3.1 Type C (gen 1)
3 USB 3.1 Gen 1
1 RJ-45
1 Combo de auriculares y micrófono
1 Lector de tarjetas SD multiformato HP
Mas información
Cámara FHD HP Wide Vision IR con micrófono digital de matriz doble integrado
Un diseño que llama la atención. Diseño elaborado al detalle y con chasis de aluminio. Combina la elegancia y la eficiencia con una pantalla de 17,3″, un teclado de tamaño completo y todos los puertos que necesitas.
Dropbox: 25 GB de almacenamiento en línea gratuito durante 1 año desde la fecha de registro.
28,3 x 2,33 x 41,6 cm
3,04 kg
Características importantes
Teclado retroiluminado
Kensington Lock