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So after my accidental upgrade a couple of weeks ago, after Sterling had been acting up and I bought El Boquerón on sale as “insurance” (but then ended up keeping him), I was feeling quite chuffed. Because I had been assured that with Boquerón (aka HP ENVY-17-bw0001ns) I was getting the “latest generation” jazz, including not only 1 Tetra of HD memory, but also 128 GB of SSD memory, GUARANTEED to make my system run faster. So like wow, okay, sign me up (even though I had only a small idea of what SSD was).

And when I first got Boquerón up and running, this proved to be the case. Everything was zippity-do-dahing along like crazy, which was great. Though it was a bit faffy setting up and uploading my gazillion photos to the D-drive (HDD) to keep the C-drive (SSD) unencumbered. And I thought I had been doing things right… until I was told yesterday that my SSD had next to no space left and I had to do SOMETHING about it.

And I have tried. But it would help if I knew what I was supposed to be doing. I have all my downloaded programmes and (of course) my gazillion photos stored on the HDD. And even after eliminating superfluous files and programmes from my C-drive, I still only have about 5 GB of free space on my SSD. WTF? HELP?