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Ever since I upgraded to the Boquerón I have been planning on wiping the drive on Sterling so that my friend Tomoko could buy it. To be honest, I kept putting it off because I’d never done this before and it seemed more than somewhat daunting. But when Tomoko said she would be in Sevilla for a couple of days and wanted to take Sterling home I was forced into action. And well, it wasn’t that bad after all, but it did take a very long time (approx 10 hours). The first attempt failed after a couple of hours and I had to start over again. But second time lucky and when I got back from my tour in the evening there was a squeaky clean laptop ready for its new home.

So Tomoko came over yesterday and we set up the newly-named Loki to make sure everything was working okay. After that we went shopping for a case and then Loki the Laptop was gone. Though of course Tomoko didn’t leave without giving Loki the Cat a thorough belly rub.

If anyone is interested, these were the instructions I followed…
How To Reset Your Windows 10 PC