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The first day of Sherry Week (October 8 – 14) began and ended with, well, sherry. Went out for a pre-lunch manzanilla at Taberna Manolo Cateca and Manolo recommended that we try these two, chosen by Armando Guerra from two different sections of Bodegas Barbadillo, one with the windows open facing the cool east wind (Poniente), the other facing the hot dry west wind (Levante). My favourite was the Poniente, which tasted a bit fresher to me. But they were both lovely.

In the evening we stopped by the Premier Sherry Cocktail Bar for a sherry mixology masterclass. José prepared 4 cocktails, using different sherries, and also different techniques: Sobrebotas, Bloody Sherry, Silencio, Shegroni. And we got to taste them too! You can see the recipes below.


Technique: Shaking
25 ml mezcal
40 ml palo cortado
20 ml Chartreuse
15 ml lime juice
20 ml orange juice
20 ml pineapple juice
15 ml Orgeat syrup


Technique: Throwing (pouring with a flourish from the shaker to the glass)
100 ml tomato juice
30 ml oloroso
30 ml fino
Bar spoon de sherry vinegar
10 drops liquid smoked salt
Dash of bitter olive
Black Pepper


Technique: Stirring
15 ml Pedro Ximénez
2 orange skins
2 dash bitter chocolate
60 ml de brandy de Jerez


Technique: Just pour over ice and drink it!
30 ml bitters
30 ml vermouth
20 ml fino
20 ml amontillado