Health, eh? We tend to take it for granted until something goes wrong. Which of course I learned big time back in 2008. These days I am much more cautious about thinking I am HEALTHY. Especially this year, having had 1 PET scan and 3 CT scans so far because they can’t figure out what that mysterious “cloud of inflammation” is and – so far – don’t want to cut me open to get a proper look.

Meanwhile, I have also developed a FLOATER in my right eye, similar to one I had about ten years ago. Same flashing lights, etc. My GP has requested an appointment with the eye specialist, but I am still waiting to have that confirmed. Likewise I am still waiting to hear when my next oncology appointment will be to get the results of the latest CT scan (taken 10 days ago). But one thing I do know! My blood pressure is perfect.

This surprises me, given that I am overweight and have had problems with tachycardia since I was in my mid-twenties. And so it also surprised me when skinny pal Peter’s @SVQconcierge recent medical check showed that his blood pressure was high enough to warrant daily medication and regular BP monitoring. This regular monitoring was getting to be a pain, so when Kate @sledpress recommended a wrist monitor that she uses I placed an order for it on Amazon. And well… immediately the readings were higher than those at the doctor’s (mine included!) but they will have to be taken over time, and in different situations, and then also at the doctor’s again.

My point is…. had I not been going in for various this and that anyhow, and if I hadn’t suggested that Peter get a check-up while I was there, then he wouldn’t have known about the blood pressure issue. And so boys and girls, if you haven’t had a full general check-up in the past couple of years… do it!