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Morcilla has turned into a serious snuggler, which makes me very happy. She especially likes cuddling when I am in my “comfy chair” watching TV, and also when I am working at my desk. Her favourite thing is to jump onto my shoulder, then curl around and make herself comfortable, using my “rack” as a shelf, and then commence to purring and nudging her little nose against my cheek.

This photo of Morcilla I took today reminded my of one of my favourite photos ever, taken back in 2010, of me and Azar all cosy in bed – Azar was definitely a bed snuggler. I can still feel how I felt in that photo, and how he felt in my arms, remembering everything and bringing up a whole tangle of emotions. I’ve never got over losing that lovely little guy, nor do I want to. But I feel very lucky that Morcilla came into my life.