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In an attempt to “lighten my load” and also help out a bit, I’ve devised this new way of getting rid of THAT bowl of small change – YOU KNOW THE ONE. I mean, these days if I am going to get 1 or 2 cents back from a purchase I just tell them to keep it, although having a few of these coins helps when you need them – “that’ll be 1.02€ ma’am” –  in order to not get a whack of small change back.

So what I’ve done here is put together a few bags of money, approximately 2 euros each, with a few 10 and 20 cent coins in each bag, and then topped up with 1, 2 and 5 cent ones. This haul comes to about 15 euros, but you know, it’s just been sitting around for years. So from now on I’ll keep one bag in my purse to hand out to my “usual street guys”, until they are all gone and I can start over again.