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So about umpty years ago Kalé came to stay with me when I was living in my “too big, too expensive” apartment in Barrio Santa Cruz, and had to take in lodgers. This came about because the person I was going to share the apartment with bailed last minute due to health problems, and with deposit paid and contract signed, I ended up stuck with a place I couldn’t afford. At first I tried looking for another flatmate, but then I discovered it worked out better to take in short-term lodgers. I did this for eight years until I moved across the hall to a somewhat smaller place that I could afford on my own.

Anyhoo… Kalé is a historian from the US. I always loved hosting historians who were here to do research at the Archivos de Indias, because, unlike the young studenty types, they were “grown ups” and I never had to worry about having to explain anything. Personal space was respected, rooms were kept clean, etc, etc.

The very unique thing about Kalé is that she has known ALL of my cats, from Lua, Sunny and Azar to Loki and Luna… well she still has to meet Morcilla. But it’s nice being able to talk to someone about my first cat family who actually lived with them. Kalé has been back in Sevilla since she lived with us, and this time she will be here until mid-April. It’ll be very nice having her around.