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Sometimes my life is a hard one. Take yesterday. I had to get out early (well, ish) to attend the Michelin press conference, which was followed by an impromptu visit to the Alcázar Palaces and Gardens (well, since I was already there). And then it was time for a cold beer and a snack at La Barra de Inchausti.

At this point I was ready to go home, but I had also been invited to check out Sevilla’s only “floating caseta” run by Pepe & Eva @elcuadernodepigafetta. Luckily, when I tried to bow out, I was told that they weren’t going to take no for an answer and would see me at the boat at 2 pm sharp. Aye aye captain!

[click on image to enlarge]

As you can see, it was lovely. Along with our hosts, we were a small group including myself, Juan @juanduqueoliva, Txema @U_Explorers and Silvia @nomentiendas, and the event was organised by José Miguel @ProbandoGastro. We sat on the upper deck and enjoyed a small feast of jamón, caña de lomo and cheeses, with plenty of chilled manzanilla on hand, served by “Solear Chica” Celia. The partial shade from the paper lanterns and the light breeze off the river made for perfect conditions.

The Puerto de Indias is available for private events, up to 12 people. Pepe and Eva live part time on the boat, which is equipped below deck with a master bedroom, bathroom with shower, kitchen, livingroom and smaller second bedroom with bunkbeds for their children. The clever use of space puts IKEA to shame.

Thanks so much, Eva & Pepe, for an amazing experience!