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When I arrived at Hotel Rústico San Jaime at midnight the night before, a clearly exhausted chef Miguel González asked me when I wanted breakfast in the morning. I said… 9.00? He said… 10.00? And it was a good thing we decided on the later option because I didn’t actually wake up until almost 9.30… it had been a couple of very intense days. I had also asked Jorge to tell Miguel that I eat very little at breakfast, so just some coffee and toast would be fine. Well, check out what was waiting for me when I came downstairs to the dining room!!!

After breakfast I packed up and got ready to leave as I had to catch a 12.00 train back to Santiago for my final day in Galicia. But before I left Miguel took me on a tour of the hotel and restaurant. This is a new project for Miguel, a mere eight months old, and he would prefer to have it known as a restaurant with a small boutique hotel optoin rather than a hotel with a restaurant. All I can say is that it is all gorgeous. I didn’t get to sample Miguel’s dishes, which change daily depending on what’s fabulous at the market, but given his passion for keeping tradition alive I am sure it’s something I would love.

Miguel drove me to the station in Ourense on Sunday to catch the train back to Santiago and there the lovely Anna @GuitianMayer was there to pick me up. There had been some talk of me staying at another hotel arranged by them, but in the end I opted to spend my last night at their home.

We went to the old centre of town for lunch at ComoVino, which turned out to be lovely, then Anna & Jorge had to nip up to La Coruña for a business meeting. Which left me to my own devices for the afternoon, so I did some sightseeing, walked a lot, and made it back to their place in time for dinner.

Lovely to have a home made meal, cooked by Jorge, and hang out with Anna’s kids who were there for the summer holidays. We ate, drank wine (Casa Noguedo blanco again!), Netflixed and played with the cats.

Just want to thank Anna & Jorge again for everything – they made this trip possible and so memorable. I couldn’t have done it without them. xx