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If any of you don’t already know that I’ve been GOING THROUGH IMPOSTER’S SYNDROME HELL writing this commissioned article about Galicia – which was the reason I went to Galicia two weeks ago – then, you know, where have you been?? 😉

Okay, I have actually written a lot. Way over the word limit I was given. The thing is that it all sounds like total crap to me and doesn’t seem very cohesive.  BECAUSE I AM NOT A WRITER, OMG, STOP ASKING ME TO WRITE THINGS. STOP IT NOW.

But then I remembered that my friend Ania said it sometimes helps to get out of the house, find a café or somewhere else to write for awhile… and in desperation I took this advice today. And hey… it worked!

Well okay… “worked”. Still not sure about that but it certainly helped. And I think part of it was – duh – using pen and paper, rather than just writing on the computer. I dunno, there’s something organic about physically writing that seemed to help me put my thoughts together a bit better. And well, the article is still not done, but at least I now feel like I’m a bit more organised. Thanks Ania!