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I first met Alexandra del Bene in March 2011 (wow, so long ago!) while out on a walk when I spotted her painting the shutters of a bar and I stopped to talk to her. Since then she has not only become THE urban artist in demand by local bars, shops and restaurants who don’t want their shutters tagged and defaced by graffiti bandits, she has become a successful artist with exhibits here and abroad, as well as becoming a published author with her book 6 Años Pintando Sevilla. And since that fateful day she has also become my friend!  🙂

So the other day, just like the first time we met, I was walking past a bar and saw her hard at work. But this time inside. I had seen some previews of her latest challenge on Instagram, but omg, in person it was just stunning. And it’s not even finished yet. Alexandra was hired to paint a fresco ceiling in the abacería section of El Rinconcillo, originally founded in 1670 (in the same family since 1870). So I went inside for a chat and helped with a couple of things (so now I can officially say I assisted in this amazing work 😉 ). The bar reopens next Friday, August 23rd, and I’m going to be there.