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I remember being all excited when I moved in to the present Casa Azahar two years ago and saw there was a functioning dishwasher. It certainly came in handy after moving and unpacking. After that I stocked up on dishwashing pods (2 for 1 offer! because man, those things are expensive) but after an initial flurry of frequent-ish use, I stopped. There just never seemed to be enough washing up to justify using it (though my friend Gabriella tells me they actually use less water than washing a few things out in the sink).

Anyhoo… earlier this month I wanted to use it but it had been, um, maybe a year since the last time? So I put some stuff in that I don’t eat from (dish draining tray, utensil holder, etc) to put it through a cycle to clean the thing out first. Then I was going to use it again yesterday and wondered if I should run it through a cycle again first as it had been three weeks. So… halp!

If a dishwasher isn’t being used frequently, how often should it be cleaned out by running it through a cycle? Or does it have to be? Also, those detergent pods I stocked up on? They’re looking kind of weird now. Do these things go off?