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Translation to celcius for this tweet linking to a New Report on recommended temps for energy efficiency. It caused a huge Twitter fuss with everyone saying how high these temps were, that babies would die, etc, etc.

· 25.5C when you’re home
· 29.5C when you’re not home
· 27.5C when you’re sleeping

But this looks totally reasonable to me, especially because these are the actual temperatures I live with in summer (when it’s 40ºC outside). I set my A/C to 25C when I am home, if the indoor temp goes above 28C, and it usually settles at about 26C. I turn it off when I’m not home, and then it can hit 28-30C, especially during the afternoon. If I’ve been out in the evening I cool the place down for about an hour before bed and when I get up in the morning it’s usually 26-27C.

And even this costs me a small fortune. My gawd, if I left the thing on all day and night I’d be broke. At night a fan is enough, and I also have a fan going in the living room when the A/C is on to move the cool air around. How about you?