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Okay, there was a dishwasher at my previous Casa Azahar, but apparently it never worked so the landlords were fine with me tossing it so I could put in a bit more shelf space. And anyhow (or so I always thought) who the hell needs a dish washer? Especially when there are just two people in the place.

But when I found a fully-functioning dishwasher at the new Casa Azahar I decided to give it a go, especially for washing all the packed dishes before putting them away in their freshly cleaned cupboards. Before using the machine I ran it through first with just very hot water, then a second time with detergent, and let it dry out well. And today I’ve been trying it out with the dishes as I unpack them. I think I need a Dishwasher Loading 101 course, but other than that I can see why people use these things. Maybe not every day, but now and then. And defo for after moving, when the dishes aren’t so much dirty as just a bit dusty from being in a box. What’s you opinion about dish washers? Any tips?