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As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been on a staycation this month, since I don’t have any money coming in and can’t really afford a holiday. But I’ve been keeping busy and it’s actually been quite nice having some time off, taking walks, seeing friends, reading, netflixing with the cats (watch One Strange Rock!), cooking (still trying to perfect tortilla con “socarrat”). It’s also nice because the crazy neighbour is away all summer, so I can enjoy time at home without having to deal with her nonsense. Plus it hasn’t been super hot. And hey, I did have trips to London and Galicia earlier this year, so I’m not complaining.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been looking at what direction my business will take as the rapid growth of tourism over the past few years has totally changed what began (for me) as a “hobby that turned into a job” thing. Which has been fabulous. And since 2009 it’s also provided a decent living. Then I started We Love Tapas in 2015, but it was around that same time that Sevilla was suddenly inundated by new tour companies. And so, while I know I offer a superior experience, I realise I have to “up my game” if I am going to actually STAY in the game. So that is also what has been on my mind during this short hiatus, and I’m happy to say that some fresh possiblilites have presented themselves (both in my mind and in person). More on that as things progress.

How’s your summer been going?