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Used to be that I could combine orders from El Corte Inglés supermarket and their pet supply section, but suddenly I am no longer allowed to do this. It used to be handy because I could stock up on cat sand and other bulk items. Now I have to order the cat stuff separately, and it’s delivered via MRW Messenger, not the regular Corte Inglés delivery service. This means that that I can no longer choose a time frame to receive deliveries, like I can from the supermarket (mornings or afternoons of a specific day). Instead the delivery guy calls when he is ten minutes away to say he is coming… and well, I could be anywhere. Like today – in bed!

Also, look at this fucking packaging! One huge cardboard box for each bag of cat sand, stuffed with those plastic air-filled packing bags. Ridiculous. When it used to come via Corte Inglés, okay they’d use a plastic bag, but they could stuff two bags of cat sand into each one and I would re-use that bag for rubbish another time. I can’t re-use these boxes for anything. The only positive side is that the cats get an afternoon of fun playing with the boxes…